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AGROKOMBI is a leading compound feed manufacturer and supplier company, located in Georgia, dedicated to providing high-quality, nutritionally balanced animal feed solutions to farmers, livestock producers, and agricultural enterprises. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and animal welfare, we play a crucial role in supporting the agricultural industry's growth and ensuring the health and productivity of livestock. 

Company was founded in 2020, when our group purchased animal feed manufacturing plant located in Gardabani, Georgia. Since that time we were working intensively to develop strong sales channels and produce best quality animal feed. As of today, we employee more than 50 workers and we are one of the leader company in the region, selling granulated animal feed in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


We offer 33 types of ready granulated feed, serving local farmers and families in our region. Our feed is specially crafted for broilers, laying hens, pigs and cattle. The production line starts with starter foods and follows the animals' age and needs throughout the cycle. Packed in 25kg polypropylene bags, our feed ensures convenience and freshness for your livestock. Additionally, we provide ready concentrates for a simplified and comprehensive feeding solution.


Our mission is to empower farmers and livestock producers with superior feed products that optimize animal health, performance, and overall well-being. We strive to be a trusted partner in their journey towards sustainable and profitable agriculture.


Our vision is to be a reliable and long-term partner for the farmers, give them access to nutritionally rich and safe animal feeds. Through this dedication, we aim to empower families with a secure source of meat, eggs, and milk, ensuring the delivery of wholesome and safe food products to households.


ISO 22000 certification (granted by TUV GERMANY) is a mark of our commitment to ensuring the quality, safety, and integrity of our products throughout the entire production process. It serves as a globally recognized standard that reinforces our position as a trusted provider of animal feeds. This certification assures our customers and partners of our continuous effort to uphold quality and follow global best practices. .


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